Sunday, December 31, 2017


The way our police works, please click on the link:
Policia-Nama (Policia is a highly derogatory term)
This video seems programmed still it shows the nexus well.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thekedaars Created Pollution by Corrupt Corrosive Minds

शब्द! अर्थ! अनर्थ! तर्क! कुतर्क! कुछ भी!

How about sacrificing women for producing a child?
How about diverting rivers path for filling sukhna lake?
Then why to fear if ill prepared for river's overflowed rage?
Look into the "same-mirror" who really disturbed the nature?

How about witch-hunt game for poly-tics gamble?
How about misusing military for own whim's sake?
How about finishing anyone trying to know the facts?
How about removing anyone raising questions unafraid?

How about patriarchal mindset that hates independent women?
How about crushing anyone who did not allow policia-advances?
Who is responsible for trying to kill bonds, peace, love, and faith?
Then why to fear your own created ambiance of distrust and hate?

Nature is not your laboratory, cannot live in your enforced jail
The dams, diverted rivers paths for filling your artificial lakes
The murder of natural fauna and flora by "current" for ugly sake 
The bridges designed for poaching, what will produce if not tragedies? 

It can happen only in India... 
People are great weavers from policias, defense, civil (so-called people managers) to real poly-tics to misusing aspiring politicians and total unemployed nikkammas especially from villages. All types of chamchas and kadchas from here and there. 
The real criminals today are not those who started it for whatever reasons but authorities and people in power, who allowed it for so long for their own vested interests; to hide their own crimes... The Thekedaars!