Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mirrors in Monkey's (Just monkey?) hands!!

"The problem is that we want to see through what He wants us only to see!!"
And that He wanted these people to see people in all kinda naked avatars and that He even inspired these people to write all that on FB and to do even so called teasing on that!! Jee! "Just teasing", in these people's language! I guess, these people do that kinda teasing even with the women in their homes! Why just women but even men!
Hey! Look here! Oh! See that! You know the meaning of so and so term?  Look there! These people are so unhygienic! These hygiene freak! Do not dye hair, left here, here and here. Stereotype, has not shaved legs and still in shorts! He has this pajama on since last... oh smelly! Wo saala hizra hai that is why blah, blah, blah 
OK! People can listen, they can watch by this and that technology but i wonder if can even smell, touch if someone had a shower with cold or hot water? Mayanagri hai! Mr. Khanna seems has a great practical approach to know the Ultimate Truth, like that FB, CCTV approach (here)!  

What are you thinking? PK waali duniya main pahunch gaye na baigar PK.. :(

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