Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Family Business to Pry on Others??

Why these people came to my home??
What compelled them? This blog?
As per her words, i am destroying her husband's reputation! I felt like to search this word again to confirm myself if really i was or am doing that? And seriously that compelled her to come to my doors? He was not destroying his so called reputation by his own deeds and write ups? Why did not she saved him then? Just to expose all that means damage to that so called reputation? Ever she gave even a lil thought to that gal's plight who was suffering by his and his gang's non sense? As per her words, her husband is not that tech. savvy. Her son, who is B.Tech. and M.Tech. and working in some MNC abroad and she herself know more about computers! Means? A family business to pry on others and play with their dignity and life?
Her son said that much technology, only FBI people have. 
Hmmmm how much?? And how much CID (oops! Criminals in Disguise!) or even common hackers and police officials have?
Actually these people checked my conversation on this topic and listened all my calls with my friends and online questions, I did to some top security experts. Only then these people came to know that, that so called reputed person's lecherous, and totally unacceptable behavior gonna affect him for life, not just nationally but internationally! It was only then she woke up else she was thinking "sab chalta hai"!! Chhote-mote logon ki aukaat hi kya hai wo kisi so called reputed person ke against bol jaayen. Unke kiye kartoot bebaak likh jaayen! Saari shame ke tekke yahan gals ne hi utha rakhe hai na!! Wo to ye ladki hi besharm nikli!!
She said "Chhodungi nahi tumhe"! I know so called reputed people in India can finish me in seconds but question is after writing so much publicly, can that reputed person and family save themselves? I know Indian public is a tubelight! Indian public used to wake up only when some murder, some rape or any such heinous crime has already happened. Frankly speaking, "IF" that is the price one has to pay to open public eyes on this shity surveillance then I AM WAITING FOR THAT DAY! GO AHEAD!!  

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