Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Still to come out of 25th January, 2015

As if whatever happened earlier was not enough! That day drama too had to happen! I avoided this blog for a while willingly as whatever was coming in mind to write was not so good! After that incident, i had to listen again so much from some well wishers. How you can even think and still take such people so easy and innocently? Actually when i saw that lady and her son in front of my door, i thought might be some regret, some sorry, some guilty brought them at my door! Sickness! Typical Indian police officer's wife was there in front of me with that typical high headedness! I sent my complaint to DGP, Haryana and Human Rights Commission, Haryana the same day along with a copy to my employer. What happened to that, only they can tell better! I went to SP camp office the same eve along with some senior Professors but people there even did not receive the complaint! I gave the same news to some local news papers and next day found the news, in just one local news paper with flat denial by IG, Mr. Rajbir Deswal! I wondered what precautions these people took before coming to my home in today's high tech. world that he could afford to deny so easily!?! Another high headedness and such a high faith in this corrupt system by power people that they can do anything and nothing gonna happen to them!?! Another strange thing i noticed, whenever i was about to take some action or even discussed that with someone, i found a strange kinda caution and silence on those profiles. For whatever reason, i kept my silence and found hidden poison dancing there!!
Some date is nearby and do not know if i should believe those people, who say do not expect much or the inner voice.... 

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