Sunday, February 1, 2015


It all started with the intuitive instinct in 2012. Though i did not know then that i will take it some kinda experimentation in itself. Due to its torturous and extremely disturbing nature, i thought to gave up and delete my profiles from all social sites. I had deleted my FB due to this very reason in 2013 but after some friends rebuking, made my mind to fight back and know the truth. The new FB profile was total experimentation. From FB account, to blog posts, from twitter to yahoo mail; from phone calls, mind analysis, to mind games; from salary to expenditure, from shopping habits to brands/non brands to size/s, from family, relatives, friends, friends of friends links inquiries to official interactions, from classes to official trips......... it was kinda endless! 
And how it impacted my life? You can imagine yourself, what does mean being 24hr under surveillance, on that live commentary, not by one but many with their own judgement with all added mirch-masala. That is how rumours spread and take the form of kinda myth over time. When i decided to make it public and take action then i was threatened again the same way, via posts! Some well wishers advised me not to go to police, not at least alone as police people used to be bad people! Well, i had no other option so i went. Those interactions itself gave me lil-bit cues along with Mr. Rajbir Deswal and his friends posts! Two major PAs (Personal Assistants) were there along with others. Up to police complaint these people managed the show. Wonder, if people would be able to manage even at human rights commission? I am highly optimist species so better to be positive. Well, i felt at least "lil-bit" effect is there, for whatever reason. But major effect is this blog!! Recent development of 25th Jan was all about that. Wonder, where it will end? Wherever! This blog will continue......

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