Sunday, March 1, 2015

Some Expert View..

Since last few years, i am following and reading kinda religiously some blogs and some news papers (especially The Guardian and Washington Post), related to surveillance and security. I am also reading some high tech sites and googled about so many technologies related to this crime. Last year, i read some books also just to know more about this sick world of surveillance! Sick in the sense as i felt that rather than fighting terrorists or criminals, surveillance is doing much more damage to human world in so many ways. On top of that my own experience of this hell is there along with the lil-bit experimentation i did just to know things with a bit clarity. 
That experimentation was started when i made my new FB profile with the decision to fight back rather than leaving FB like a coward. And i must thank my friends for that who encouraged me directly or indirectly, not to bow down in front of so called tekedaars of this society. The people who feel, laws are meant to be broken to mend things, "the way they feel". The people who feel some people are out of these tekedaars too narrow and sick mind's orbits so need to be fixed. The people who themselves have no orbits! Neither some oath's orbit nor the respect for any uniform and even basic social boundaries including human's basic requirement of privacy and dignity. And such people will define others orbits? Really? The people who feel orbits are only for others and they are above anything; typical lecherous characters! The people who feel women are meant to be weak and surrender as per their do's and dont's and sick wishes. The people who feel culture is their baap ki jaagir. The people who feel the culture is stagnant and meant to stink. I found such saints doing the worst kinda crimes! 
While going through this i had distanced myself from my circle for this or that fear, for the sake of them. These lecherous characters started hitting not just my family and relatives but one by one even friends and friends of friends. I bounced back in that solitary environment and found major moral support in readings on security and surveillance. These readings were kinda eye opener and gave clarity about so many doubts of mine. I had asked questions also from some experts in this field, in the starting via letters and then publicly online. In most cases, i got indirect replies in the form of public posts. The direct and one of the best response was from Brush Schneier, a world renowned expert on security. His replies were nearby my own conclusion though still i am in search of answers of so many questions... 

Link: (here)

You can find Schneier Blog on the link: (here)

I found this blog balanced, giving a view on pros and cons of security and surveillance. No doubt, we need security and cannot avoid new adge technologies in today's cyberwar race but at the same time we need our basic human rights and dignity. Misuse of these technologies for so called officials petty egos and worthless righteousness is unacceptable. Only cowards can bow in front of such people, not the ones who can call a spade a spade and believe in fighting for their rights!!

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