Monday, November 10, 2014

Destiny is not a Matter of Chance BUT Choice..

I am not much of a destiny believer though on times, i do say, it had to happen this way. Most of the times, it's we who chose it, the way it is. Happenings or mishappenings can happen without much of our control. It matters, what we do with those happenings or mis-happenings and how we deal with them. 
Euro plans, 2014! Hmmm i missed that chance willingly for something people said "do not be crazy". Did i know then better days are ahead or something not so better is waiting me? No! But i knew i had to pass through a tunnel to see the light at the end of it. I am preparing myself for that. Hmmm tunnel or light?? I am already in that tunnel and light is not far away.. Ise kahte hain din main sapne dekhna.. ;) who knows 2015 main sach hi hone ja rahe hon. I mean din wale sapne, jo raaton main kharaate ki neend sulaate hain.. :)

Ye Saali Zindgi!! Till now i was using this "saali" in writing only but aaj to... uff!! Need to delete this word from my written dictionary also. Ye Crazy Life!! Better I think.

Life is so simple and straight 
Jhalli-si so beautiful and great 
That sometimes, I smile at life 
Sometimes, i get back that smile 
From this sweet, cute and ute life! 
 — feeling crazy.

  Jhalli-si=झल्ली-सी, ute= ऊत  

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