Sunday, December 1, 2013


From a too private person to public zone.. Yes! Finally!!
I did not wanna come and talk about it publicly but i have been forced to speak out, my own story, which some people projected and still trying to project the worst way they can!! Just to save their own faces!! The question and problem was just one: Snooping, snooping and snooping!
I raised this question to the person who is doing all this but in vain!

Again same question:
If Indian government has given so much right/s to police officials at top level that they can snoop anyone and if yes then in what conditions and how long??
Not just that but can even talk about that person the worst way with all added mirch-masalas on some public website, that is FB? Just to defame and belittle that person???
Why? As this gal dared to tell this official that you have no right to behave that way.
Resultant: High headedness and worst kinda personal attacks!

People who wanna know a bit more, please check out this link:

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