Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Language, Use and Misuse, Views and Abuse, Taught a Lot!

Off late got lots of gyan from well wishers as well as from the practice of self analysis of day by day drama. Among those well wishers found many sensitive and caring souls feeling hurt while watching and listening day by day drama. Found some hurling back abuses at the abusers and cursing even their families. During this whole drama, thin skin became a bit thick. Analyzing power started a bit overworking, tiny particles of fear (was there any?) became a bit more fearless. The adventurer in me became a bit more adventures. "Be Yourself" became a bit more strong. Found family, friends, relatives a bit more dear as well as near. Wings became a bit more strong. Found more reasons to roam around the world rather than be a chipku at one place. 

Some Lessons:
The more you will react on rowdies, the more their macho man and abuser in them will vibrate to do more such rowdy dance. 
Language just like any other thing can be used or misused. It can be used to express ourselves and pass on our views beautifully. It can also be misused to abuse directly like a layman or worst, in complex shrewd's language.  

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