Thursday, August 25, 2016

Implant in The Lab!

She came one day sobbing along with two of her friends. I asked what happened? One of them said she is not well, has blah blah blah problem. Consoled her and tried to comfort her.
Then she came again but after that never in whole six months. A few times, I saw her in the deptartment and advised not to take anyone's leniency for granted or misuse that. Then she came only in the next semester. She talked about her problem in a bit detail.
I was like grrr same stories year after year... Parents were not ready to marry her with the guy she loved. Parents abusive, even violent. Even younger brother beat her. He used to come to department to check on her. Sympathetically, once, I asked her if I can talk to her parents. She said not right now, may be sometime later. She told me that some of her cousin will talk and hopefully will change her parents decision. With time she became a bit friendly but I felt she was acting as a spy and even offensive on times. She used to come to department but to put her bag there and then to take it back in the evening. Then she did not come many days. I enquired her friends. They told that she was disturbed. Lately, She used to be on phone  for long times. Though she told me she had not any phone. Her father had taken away that from her. They do not provide even internet access beyond their eyes in the home! 

I wondered about many of her lies also and on times on her oversmartness. On times there were so many questions on mind. What matters to people in life? Fake honour, power show offs, degrees, money? Parents or so called well wishers nose can be so big that they affect their children's happiness for life? What such people teach? Lies, manipulative ways and show of power/chair?! 

Social Engineering Underway...
I will write with time about a few more implants including some so-called friends (Dhabha FriendShip ke Naam Pe!) and some so-called well wishers/relatives! Two special ladies need some special attention and a light on their kaands! How things dramatically changed after my complaint to DGP, Haryana in 2014. A clear indication towards a cooking of some kinda khichari between some of University's authorities and some crooks, on times by overlooking all rules and regulations!

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