Saturday, July 11, 2015

National Commission for Women, New Delhi

I got a love letter today from this sweet women rights commission. A letter of acknowledgement from First Appellate Authority under RTI Act, 2005! This National Women Rights Commission of India did not feel like even to reply to my RTI!

When I got a pathetic response from Haryana police then sent my complaint to this commission:

I do not know why these people even accept any application and give acknowledgment IF DO NOT HAVE ANY POWER RATHER WILL TO WORK FOR THE CAUSE THEY ARE PART OF! 

What is the role of a counsellor? Do they look into the seriousness of the matter? Counselors are junior people. Orders come from higher authorities. These people and bodies are mere puppets of governments and typical politicians!

Check the status:

Reminder list after almost a year- I guess they do have some rule book.
 Address Wrong! Dispatch no.? Not updated!
The name of this commission should be Wonder Commission!

Next post will be about Human Rights Commission.

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