Thursday, June 25, 2015

Curiosity and Experimentation!!

I was that gal who was confined to her own small world of family, relatives and friends. Beyond this, my world was music, lil-bit readings, traveling and anonymous blog writings. Social sites were too restricted zone. I had deleted my FB profile when found day by day stalking and indirect writings (subtle hints) about my posts. But when I decided to come back and made another FB profile then that was not just for interaction with friends but with the attitude to fight back. Before the deletion of my earlier FB profile, I became certain that this person had access to that. The first direct proof was I wrote in only for me zone, "Dare You Write Directly". And there was a post on his FB profile about a call to one of my overseas friend.

When I made my new profile I knew he had access to my old profile even when I had changed my password. He was even listening to all my calls and was writing even about that. It was a disgusting feeling that how anyone could be so mean and stupid and vella. I wondered how a person at the level of IG could be so free?  Now the first thing was to know if he would have access to the new profile also? And I was sure just after few posts that he had access to this profile also! He was not in friend list in new profile but still had access to that. This person used to write "thok ke bhav" public posts. Another thing I came to know through "........" about his only for friend's post (comparatively small in number), is that some posts he wrote only for friends but even there  were a few related to me. Though I was not in his friend list now! Dimaag khiska, chal friend request bhejh but then thought abe jaane de, you yourself had deleted him. But the khurapaati dimag said send na and see what happens. After all this new FB profile was to know the truth. I did and what happened? He wrote kinda an innocent kid though words told clear cut "stalking you!"

Clear cut gadbad ghotala! Too unequal fight and too unequal rights! On that abuse of those rights! Then I wrote a few times some posts in "only me" zone. And got indirect replies in posts on his FB wall. So called "Fascinating-bridge" in his own words/post! How that bridge was working? I wrote in only for me whatever I felt like and reply was in his public posts. It was kinda writer is replying to someone and public is getting some thing else! Some posts were a bit difficult to understand so again I wrote something indirectly in some only for me post... 
And an interpreter was there, who explained the meaning of difficult posts/words! It was a bit surprising to me. 
E-Khaps: With time, I found many persons, not just police people but civilians helping him in lynching, rebuking, insulting people on too private matters. Welcome to E-Khaps! It was kinda India was not a democracy but dictatocracy. Vultures of Culture were talking about "orbits" by forgetting their own "orbits"!  

I sensed this indirect but still direct  drama with "Adami", Dlilip Kumar, Manoj Kumar... "Sab sun raha hoon main" post on some colleague's wall (DPR, MDU). He wrote the same way from Toad to Amaltas! 

I never met the person, never talked to him on phone, "as per my knowledge". Though I got faltu calls on times and cannot say from where and whose calls were those! He wrote even about a few such calls, I got. Some such calls were "unknown nos" while some kinda toon, toon, toon, kinda busy tone, no light on phone screen and no number was there! Later on I read about such phone calls and their reality in some security blogs.

It was the time when I started reading about surveillance a bit on a serious note. Many things happened during that period at personal, home and professional front and there was a continuous live commentary on these few profiles. I was living kinda 24hr-public life now. It was kinda nothing personal left in life! The consequences of this so-called "know the truth" and "fight back" were a bit not so normal. Especially for the person who was too reserved and believed in living in her own small world of family, friends and relatives. The internet to calls to location to live commentary "watching you"!! The most disgusting part was this later part and most difficult to deal! With time things were kinda we are living in a naked world. This was not just about me! It was targeted, it was random. MDU was a hot spot or probably it was the limit of my knowledge zone.

What? Why? And how? Provoked curiosity and  kinda became experimentation when I started analyzing things in hindsight (especially since 2012)!! Blog writing helped a lot in all that along with reading some security blogs I was following since last few years. Music kinda soul helped at every front. After so much public dhamaal of surveillance, direct-indirect talk and trails here and there, could not believe someone could reply like this person did against my complaint to DGP. Even though he knew well that not just ignorant public but some experts from here and there have been watching this zone.
Well, watch this video:

Jungle main Mangle!! Not just some other video.
I will come back to this video as well as last post's details in next post.
Seems this life in itself is ultimate.. ;)

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