Saturday, December 13, 2014

When onus is on the victim/survivor to prove..

Girl, accepted all, believed all, watched all that drama myself but question is how you will prove? Indian police does not help victims. Indian courts need proofs. And you have too little at that front. How you will prove your phone was on wiretap atleast since early 2012 and this sick person not just listened all your calls, read all your online stuff but even discussed all that and shared with his friends and circle? How you will prove that whatever he wrote on FB was just to hit you with all added mirch masala and turns and twists? Might be little bit is there with you in the form of subtle hints in all those screenshots and people can get clues well about all that. People can get well, what the heck these people did with you. You max can just expose but how you will prove that in court especially when police and system is hell bent to help these culprits? When people who watched this drama are shamelessly cowards to the extent that they are not just behaving like ignorant but somewhere even supporting these culprits! 
And he watched you even in your home and even dared to write all that publicly, you feel you can prove that? People will laugh at you that you have gone psychic. Police have already said, did not find any bug in your office, home or car. People here do not know about any hitech surveillance and it is too difficult to prove all that. Then why the hell you cannot understand things and keep shut. Why you stubborn wanna make your life more hellish?  

Pathetic situation indeed! When you know that you gonna prove, then let people, surrounding or well wishers say whatever. When you know that on the name of proofs so lil is there with you but.... Yes! But!! When hope is there, a zeal to fight till end is there; EVERYTHING IS THERE! Crazy indeed.. 
(Saal.. ne wink bhi mera churaya hua hai, now how to prove that???? 
Duniya itti passimist kyun hai??? Electronic trails, good people and expertise help sab mar gaya kya?? Sometimes for a win lil-bit is enough!! Aur jiska naam hi itta soch samajh ke rakha gaya ho, wo haar bhi kaise sakta hai???

Comments zone is open on this blog. I need help in this case whoever can then be it media, experts, or suggestions.. 

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