Thursday, January 22, 2015

Are You Above Law Mr. IG?

बड़ा दम्भ भरते हैं, बड़े संस्कारी बनते हैं 
सुना है आइनों में देखते हैं लोगों को 
खुद को भी बस एक बार निहार के देखिये
उन्ही आइनों में 
खुद की औकात का अन्दाजा लग जायेगा!

Politicians, policemen and corruption; sounds so matching matching na? One type of corruption is about money. I came to know another worst kinda is about sickness of mind! Wonder, if writing and what we do in general are two different things? But somehow those writings in itself expose people's real character? People who wanna expose others, wanna hide own "kaands" as much as possible? Errr rather snooped, stalked, chased, harassed, bullied (here) (here), watched in all kinda naked avatars (here) (here) (here) (here) and offered his sensibility (here) in so many sensible ways and if dared to behave then threatened!!
Law unto self? Seems so! Read below article:
Do The Cops Need to Behave?
That is A Question!! 

Naah! They are allowed to do all kinda
 kaands, along with their type of kaandas, they believe in!!

So got the satisfactory results and fruitful delivery of all kinda senseless efforts?
 What are the results? How much resources are misused used for that purpose?

Talking about Reforms!! What about self Mr. IG? 
First You Yourself Need Those Reforms Mr. WriterCop!! 

Next post/s will be some views of international experts, some links related to surveillance technology especially in Indian context and some "namunaas of such people's Ayaashi" on the name of surveillance!

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