Friday, June 21, 2013

Criminal In Disguise!!

I never watched the CID serial but experiencing it since some time rather more than a year! Why? What's my crime? It's not necessary to be a criminal for that. To come in touch with a wrong person, who belongs to that profession is enough, i guess! In the starting, i did not know that someone was tapping my phone calls, tracking my online surfing and even hacked my passwords. But with time, some posts by that person started hitting my mind. Initially, i gave the benefit of doubt and ignored. But how long one can? With time it was not just me but even friends started feeling like that. On that this person did not leave any doubt but wrote in some posts so clear cut that yes this fear of ours was not wrong! Different people gave different suggestions. But since some time there was only one voice, enough! Time is to take action! No one has any right to pry on like that, it does not matter which profession that person belongs. It's clear cut privacy rights violation and some professional rights abuse!

The truth is this person is not just abusing his professional powers/rights but even acting as law unto himself regardless of others constitutional rights! Last year around Dussehra this person uploaded some edited pics of University officials with Raavan heads! It does not matter if you like someone or not but it was disgusting to see those pics especially when you belong to that very institution. It was not just me but so many people felt the same. How dare he could behave like that, is he law unto himself or some dictator? This guy used to behave kinda moral policing, kinda our typical Indian police by ignoring people's rights. Some say he is attention seeker and used to do all this just to get some attention. I wonder how a person on such a responsible chair can behave like that until and unless that person is kinda sick or unstable somewhere? Whatever the reason but all this drama has so many unanswered questions especially in the light of:

Humans are by nature curious and it's almost certain that people or agencies who will deal with this type of data gonna abuse their powers. Where is the line to be drawn and who will decide that? On the name of security, it seems government is playing its own dirty politics even without taking public in the loop. Old laws will work on such abuse or some new laws gonna be in place? Or people dealing with this watchdog are law unto self?? 

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