Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No FIR, No Crime??

Since last more than two years, my car has been damaged by miscreants time and again. I complained to the concerned authorities verbally a few times, gave in writing even two times but net resultant?? As usual.... the way things happen in India!! Something even strange happened few days back, when i came back home just after two and half hours from my cousin's home, i found my laptop's USB/ports damaged. Even stranger, the home was locked from outside, backside doors were closed from inside! Interesting aspect, i rarely use plucker, it used to be upstrais in dressing table in a kit. The kit i do not even remember when i opened last, containing most useless cosmetics and tools! I found this plucker not even upstrais but downstairs in the kitchen and damaged! None else in the home, sweeper still to come. On that i used the internet just before leaving my home and even that USB port was damaged. I wrote to the concerned authorities in written but rather it has been taken kinda too lightly!! Yes! It was strange that there was nothing missing from the home and no more damage to the laptop except those three USB ports (as per that day knowledge)! But it was kinda same that someone broken the central lock of car but did not take away the car and nothing was stolen from that! Such things happened with car time and again in the department but this is first instance when something literal weird happened at home. For some it could be a matter of joke but sure not for me and not for the people who care for me!

I gave in written but no FIR was lodged by the concerned police personnel! Why? Tell them how anyone could enter home as there was no sign of any forceful entry and nothing was stolen. So this was not a case fit for FIR! When the police personnel came for on spot check, few weird questions were asked!! They did not bother even to take a view of the whole home and surrounding (as per some police officer, they should have). When these people were at home, some water leakage was there from the freeze, at that time i thought might be due to some electricity problem and these people walked over this freeze water without any notice! Meanwhile the same day, i had to listen from some so called responsible employees of this University, something totally senseless instead of even any moral support! "University has no responsibility for any employee's security!" Really, that's also within campus residential area?? "Aisa kacha chhita leke jaoge to kaun FIR file karega!" Do not raise your eyebrows as these are image caretakers of this University! "It's no time to lodge an FIR as NAAC team is just about to visit for grading. You can raise the issue later." Nice way to say keep shut!!  

The next day i found there was no cooling in freeze, called the related company service center and i was told m'am there is a copper wire cut backside. Now i was a bit more perplexed and started checking other things. One more addition to the list was some missing foreign currencies i had just kinda part of memories rather than any materialistic value! After a day (Sunday), one more addition to this list was washing machine inlet water pipe cut! Not so big damages but why, by whom and how? In all probabilities all this happened the same day and i just realized when i used them. Naah! Still no FIR! I insisted for the same again in writing via authorities but got even funnier replies.. See what a university's VC said "Some supernatural power or ghosts might have done this!" "Tomorrow you will feel, some blood stained marks on your laptop!" So much to write but still nothing more to write!!
Simple Indian case "No FIR, No Crime"!! Or may be there are lotsa bigger crimes so who the hell has time to care for such lil things!! Little things!!

Next step can be meet SP and go "kinda" against authorities wishes not to lodge an FIR or better as per some caretakers forget the whole episode and mind your own security steps, take care and be thankful to god that you are safe!!

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