Saturday, August 27, 2016

Social Engineering Underway...

These are crooks who interfere in people's personal lives. They feel they can teach whoever they want a lesson. They are in so many different forms and different gangs. They are so much concerned about others personal lives but not about their own crooked and dirty ways even in public life. Most such people are slaves themselves who fear any advancement, which can slap their inferiority complex and narrow mind. Most such people are corrupt and frogs of a well. Trying to control others is a type of inferiority complex! They afraid most the women, they cannot control. And how they try to control them? Like Highway 10 movie, where a gunda says "ladki ko mere pass bhejh do aur ladke ki kabar khod do"! In front of a bold women they will play hide and sick (not seek as they are shity creatures). This region is notorious and full of such goons gangs. Only their names and ways are different.  You can find so many cases in newspapers headlines. Then be it Manoj-Babli case, Kairana, Muzaffarnagar, Nagpur, Rajasthan or Tamil Nadu. 
Interesting aspect police and politicians rather than controlling them, most of the times give support. To police, in most cases, nothing matters but some metal-stars and bribe. And to politicians, votes. Now-a-days, as young people are aware of their rights, concerned courts and media eyes such kangaroo courts have searched indirect ways. Things are changing with times and that's why these crooks are crying like hell and trying worst indirect ways possible. When I wrote last post then it was about two aspects and one was....

"I wondered about many of her lies also and on times on her oversmartness. On times there were so many questions on mind. What matters to people in life? Fake honour, power show offs, degrees, money? Parents or so called well wishers nose can be so big that they affect their children's happiness for life? What such people teach? Lies, manipulative ways and show of power/chair?!"
I wondered how different people interpreted that plight of a gal by her so-called own people! 
I SUPPORT LOVE-BUDS irrespective of any lil-bit differences! My critics keep crying. I care two hoots!

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