Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Cocktail of Power, Chair Struggle and Corruption! (1)

Khattar (Haryana CM) time gurus (Spies) have played an ugly and ghastly game. Have at least lil-bit shame Mr. Khattar, if possible! Said if possible as politicians do not use to have any, so how he can! Welcome to Gurugram! They nailed/killed a big terrorist (err a true lover, some so-called ex? or much more than just that?!), in a fake and well-planned encounter and saved all kinda lil/big corrupts from Director to Registrar to VC to chota-mota chor-uchaka in University and outside, some criminal/s(?!) to so-called chota-mota failed businessman/or bhukatbhogi of corrupt builders(?!) in her surrounding SHAMELESSLY! These gurus have big names in bureaucracy from IAS to IPS to MPs, politicians across parties and media persons. List is long!

Big bulldog calling the shot and doing gur gur!

An Indian, ugly, corrupt spy and a lecherous character, played this ghastly game. 
Here is he:

Misuse of aadhar card! 
Such a lil card having lil amount of information talks volums about danger of large scale public surveillance and misuse of that data by politicians, crooks and random people.

Women disrobed (Just disrobed?)! Rather they tried to murder her! Where are shakha's Sanskaari Bhakts (Especially Khattar)?
Check Link Here to watch video

Politics means PolyTricks typical RajShaho style!

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