Friday, March 4, 2016

Ugly Heights!

Rightists people's rightist ways are underway... 
Here and there and everywhere; wherever they can!

Social-Engineering Underway? 

Or Just Ugly minds Misusing tech. by forgetting all sense of civilization?

Will add more posts to this..
Students, surrounding, friends, couples, married people...
From this part of India to that!
Goons wrote about so many in such a disgusting way, one can only slap hard such creatures!
I will try my best to hide people's identity.

I wonder about people who say it's serious business!
It's about national security??
And the one who is telling, what the heck is happening, is anti-national!
I would love to be called anti-national than such a sickening nationalism!
What are we going to give to out next gen.?
Such kinda more predators!

We are living in amazing times, indeed!
Naked world of surveillance and ugly designers!

Correct grammar, good English and suit-boot don't always mean the person is gentle! 
I have come across, some such people; who are worst kinda Dareende! Few of them are in above posts. 

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