Sunday, March 27, 2016

They Tried Cold Blooded Murder!

Feb. 2012, probably 13th or 14th Feb. 2012 and added this worst criminal in my FB profile. I rarely add unknown people to my profile but added this Goonda, so-called CID IG in my FB list. I did not know then that one single addition can be so dangerous for my life! I did not know then that in that police uniform predators roam around! 
Story, kept on changing tracks, twists and turns but this goon gang did not leave me. When I looked back on many of his posts it was like even in Nov. or Dec. 2011 he wrote some posts from my life! Now it's confirmed, he did! 
I myself baffled about things, turns and twists; the way they happened! Even more baffling were the facts, why someone/people needed so much power and a state's might to crush a women who was just none in front of them! And with time came across stories after stories! Strange aspects people who stalked her like hell and harassed day and night had not guts even to face her face to face and tell simple truths! Rather people tried to hide the truth and blocked each and every channel, wherever I tried to know the matter. Whatever I came to know was through metaphors only, here and there. They sent messengers to her to pacify, to blackmail, to terrorise! 
They searched, analysed, cut into pieces each and every info. about her they could! Was she some terrorist? They tried to defame me the worst way they could. Probably, they were looking for some sexual encounters which they could not get! Pity! The simple purpose for that was to make them viral on internet so that she would do suicide. When nothing such happened, they made her beautiful home a hell of kinda living ghosts. This person started telling her that he was watching her in all naked forms, from bathroom to bedroom. This goonda gang wrote the worst they could! They threw away pieces of my body wherever they felt like. Sadly, she did not do suicide but complained to whoever she could! This goon gang tried to blackmail her on such cases or issues where if she had any role than nothing but positive. One after other (Earlier Congress, Hooda Gov. and now BJP, Khattar) government bosses helped these goons! To do ayashi (Some called that muse; to worst kinda abuse) publically and with government support. People need to have some power-points with self and do whatever you wanna do! 

I gave away the case to media persons. They are writing the same way these goons were writing... Metaphorically! 
Enjoy!... The meta world! We are living in great world!

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