Monday, March 21, 2016

Apple and Singhara!

When some interest from somewhere was "in the air" then hue and cry was no! No! Totally opposite personalities.  No chance even to think! Beyond some close friends and cousin's commentaries, one interesting joke was by someone:

A father asked: What would you like to take? Apple, blackberry...
And the response came was Singhara!

And Singhara was out even before any serious thinking (2013)! Taken care well, by psycho/s  +logy and Congress! Oh! Not to forget Raj goons gang! And that was how apple picture resurfaced day by day and became the talk point of the same gang... bole to Rajshah gang/Congress +Pshychos! Same! Shame people! I mean same shameless people's gang... Satta Nayi Gang! They have speciality in shake ups, make ups, break ups, kids production house, torture camp, lynching, peeping-Tomism, shaming, taming, cold-blooded "so called honour" killings in the form of provoking people to do suicides and much more! They do not spare adults/kids/students and call themselves Sanskaaris! Since 2014 Bhaynkar-Sanskaaris (BJP/RSS) have also become an open party to this saga!

On this pretext, their main work is something else... "Hidden agenda"!

Symptoms: They are found nearby some special chairs, good at PR and are well linked across parties!

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