Sunday, February 7, 2016

Twisted Tales!

Twisty words have little effects
So-called Chankya's of today
Stoop so low in power show off
Exposed self, fall in their own trap!

Psychopaths try to twist shamelessly
Own ugliness, against someone else
Sick exposed nuts, twist words like
Psychotherapist, Psyco the rapist!

On that have guts even to drum
And  boast about Bajajs beats!
Wonder! What such people teach
About history, society and Keats!

Faith and determination, gone high
To expose planters crooked designs
Who tried their best to twist facts
Made people fight against each other!

PR machinery worked overtime
Selective hides and selective leaks
Black blanket for ultimate covers
Technology misuse, projected leads!

Strange saga! It is like whatever you will do, say or write will be used against you by twisting, by spreading rumours. The most innocent acts, silly talks even among gal friends or just random writings have been used to create fractions and misunderstandings here and there! Well, such things affect only for short time. After sometime, you learn that this is known as a dirty combination of poly tricks and politics. 
Example of some interesting and silly twisted tales: I was watching closely Bihar elections and uploaded some video of crackers after Nitish win. I came to know later, that video had been projected by someone against someone else. I did not even know what the hell was going there. Many such things happened after that and are continuous till now. Now I enjoy such twists and pity the twisters and planters! 

Coolest thing happened due to this blog and my stand against misuse of surveillance is more awareness about surveillance. I remember the days, when I had to make efforts even to my people and friends that whatever I was saying was real. Now even common people know what the heck is happening on the name of surveillance. Many thanks to people who are working at that front for the betterment of society and helped me to understand things better.

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