Saturday, February 13, 2016

Shitty World of Surveillance!!

Living in a world...

Where so many eyes are watching you
So many ears are listing each and every word of you
So many heads are making a picture of you from that
Scattering the pieces from "their crafting" 
Here and there
Somehow, you ceased to exist? 
Who are you?

You start thinking
What type of heinous criminals are these?
Who go to people's private spaces
And talk about all that shit
You could not even image one can talk!
People can talk and discuss the disgust 
So normally!
And can even post the same!
Am I from so sensitive zone?
Or people do not know what is being civil?
From murmur in your tummy to periods
From music of passing urine 
From bathroom to people's bedroom
What type of civilization
This shitty surveillance has created?
What type of Ugly Creatures are these?
And what type of society 
You are living in!

To Shitty World of Surveillance!!

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