Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lets Be A Party to An Organized Murder...

Fully Supported and Sponsored by Indian State!!

In August 2014, I had complained to then DGP, Haryana, against this Goonda Raj and his gang! I did the complaint almost after two and half years of understanding of his play of twists and turns and dirty tactics. Check that complaint (Here), and the play by this gang after that. More and more issues became part to that targeting. The issue was something in 2012. It has been changed into something else in 2013. Since 2013 last to till now it's something else! In between whatever type of issues this gang could add to this list, they did. This gang's last resort was character assassination, alienate from near and dear ones by creating misunderstandings. This special targeting started after my complaint especially in 2015. They tried to destroy me, their best at both fronts i.e. personal as well as professional. This gang's strength increased with time. The style is typical Khap's land style murders! The difference is it's highly Hi-Tech and too subtle in nature. 

Another interesting thing I noticed is that he awards those, who obey as per his wishes and commands, "even on illegal things". He tries to destroy those who can stand against his wrongs! A highly manipulative species, who knows well how to use (read misuse) government and PR machinery. Do include media please. He knows well how to exploit herd behaviour of people. He knows well, how to exploit people's vulnerability zones. He tries to show himself in the public eyes as a saviour of something, in the form of mass appeal. He started picking people from my own near and dear ones and turned them against me, beyond my understanding! He picked people from all those fields, I liked, read or admired! Jai Ho Surveillance! If you have some enemy and want to teach or destroy then take help from someone like this goonda. Best Form of Revenge and 4th Degree Murder!

When politics and parties get involved in something like this case then you cannot have any kind of hope! Or do you? I have seen the worst kinda politics in this case or probably too naive about this dirty politics and politicians ways! More in next post...

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