Monday, February 29, 2016

Indian Intelligence Agencies "adda of ayashi"?

Should  regret, chances I did not take?  
Were there some own defined reservations
Limits or some social conditioning were so intense
What was that did not allow to cross some lines?

Are you so much sexually regressive (Said by some tekedaar)
That so-called boyfriends became
Mere dry lab experiments
And washed out the wetology of ecology?

Are sanskaari corrupts so much amused
By  Apne haath Jagannath, Kharcha na charcha?
And friends said rightly
“Saali, badnaam bhi huyi to baigar khaye piye!”
(Wo bhi khate-pite logon ke haathon!)

Sanskaaris thought one would consider the offer
By Sanskaari  GundaRaj 
To become “The Other” of that tharkee
To save self from the furious vengeance?

Was the decision to take this panga was bad
 To stop this culture jihad  by online Khapdharis?
They take the tekedaari of others lives and decide
Whom one can date and whom one can mate?

The sick creatures can suppress couples
Teenagers, adults even in their 20s, 30s and 40s
And can dictate their sickening orders on them?
Can blackmail couples to make them chamchas and kadchaas?

If tekedaars can do so much publically by abusing their powers
Then why should not every right thinking person
Must take the tekka to save gen next constitutional rights
By shunning these so-called sanskaaris, better word vyabhicharis!

Some people wanted to be famous at whatever cost
Kinda “Badnaam honge toh kya naam na hoga”
Let's tell these boastful lecherous shouters
Hoga ji Hoga! Bilkul Hoga! Saare Jahan Main Hoga!

My beloved country’s intelligentsia has been exploited
And tax payer’s hard earned money has been misused
The constitution of my country has been burned by goondas
Publically and noisily! BUT QUESTION IS with the support of whom?

They are violating daily so many people’s fundamental rights
And still call themselves Deshbhakts?
So many people are on spy satellites, radars and wiretapped
For what? Country's security or Ayaashi by some goons?

Wonder, if Indian Intelligence agencies are "adda of ayashi"?

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