Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bird's Eye View!

Changes in the pic by manipulative experts!

Bird's Eye View! Mobile's View! Internet View! CCTV's and much more!
All these screenshots have been edited on my laptops, PC and pics even on mobile!
And then either they have been deleted or kept private by these people with the full support of police!

All this is not just about one gal but this game of "social illegal tekedaari" has been going on here and there! I have been hounded because I started leaking out this game publically!

When witch hunt starts, then check how a so-called top-cop of her institute (In their own words) becomes a prey for these very intelligent predators! Why?
One can find answer to some extent, in this post's title (चढ़ाई क्यूं थी ?) Kinda अब मज़ा चख! After my complaint!
Date has been changed of this post by intelligent people! from Jan. 2015 to 2016!

and blog  (WriterCop Blog)

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