Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy New Year!

Mind Is Without Fear!
Happy New Year!

I kept a distance from this blog willingly. The more I wrote here, the more I have been targeted, the worst way people could.  Sometimes, perhaps it is better to watch and listen. I did the same and found a pattern. Then be it so called tekedaars of society, politicians or media! 
The game which started in 2012 has its own twists and turns. I took some time (almost three years) to understand those twists. And then came a time when instead of any resistance, I willingly allowed people easy twists. I kept on wondering how people play! But for what could not understand till today. Chair and power gamble are beyond my understanding.
Many times, I read my own blogs and people's writings just to know the twists better way. Writing is an eye opener to the psych of any person. It is cathartic in nature, in case of your own Badaas-outlet! Some posts, I guess worth to read to know the ugliness and the reason for Psycho's (Nirmal Baba and his gang!) twists:

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and lots more...

Even more interesting are those people/Psycho's agents, who come to you to know what do you know and up to what extent and blah, blah, blah....

What I know or what I do not know probably not matter "that much" as many people of importance in their respective fields of this country know? Do not know why I did not come across many voices towards corrective measures of ugly misuse of this public surveillance. Probably targeting that very person who raised her voice against this ugly misuse is easy, rather than speaking against!

To PM: Do Women Have The Right To Privacy And Dignity? Here

And why women let this question be gender neutral.

Come across this interesting video? Listen:

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