Thursday, December 3, 2015

Kanta Laga!?!... 3

There are many more people in this list whose names either I have given in my complaint or still have not mentioned anywhere. What type of stings are these by these "stingy people"? It is not just about online surfing and passing on my details here and there. It is not just about my phone calls and whereabouts or with whom and doing what. It is about that "watching you in home or outside home" and "passing on and writing about the same "information on this or that profile. Question is how and why? 
I am not the first who have experienced it or gone through this hell. There are many "CHAMCHAS and KADACHHAS" also. Interestingly, those people are total silent! It is kinda nothing happened to them and they know nothing about such happenings here and there. Sometimes, I wonder, do these people have some slave mutations? Or they are made up of some other kinda stuff, something non-human? Do they have any self-respect or dignity? Whatever! 
I will write whatever I felt and have gone through. If "SHAMELESS PSYCHOS" can do that then I can write about the same SHAMELESSLY! To hell with proof or no proof. The way this dirty game is going lemme tell the same way...
This post gonna be long and I will keep on adding to it with time...

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