Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A State Sponsored Murder!!

Seems I am losing my will and spirit to fight against goons! A state-sponsored well-planned murder is underway! Leader of that GOONDA GANG IS IG, Madhuban Mr. Rajbir Deswal. Till now more than 50 people are involved in that directly or indirectly!

Even after so many complaints, a public witch hunt is underway. There is no care or concern or any kinda effort to kick these goons by the government or any such agency wherever I have complained then be it police or human rights commission or women rights commission. Rather THERE IS AN OPEN SUPPORT! More and more goons are becoming part of this gang day by day. Whoever came to support against this gooda's goondagardi, the next day I found that person behaving strangely. These people have ways and propaganda to kick away people and make them against me. Only God knows what these people told all those people whoever came to my help and then turned away. 

What I noticed is that many people wanna help, but they have their own fears. Surveillance is that fear and probably (?) each and every person somewhere has done something that s/he does not want it to go public. Hardly matters that something is wrong or not. If not wrong then these goons can project that way. That is the worst misuse of surveillance.  Many of my posts have been changed. Many links have been removed! Many posts have been edited on people's profile and there is no such thing there as "edited". Intelligent people's dhamaal! Many screenshots on my own PC/laptop have been corrupted or destroyed. The issues I have raised are getting dust. So many well designed and crafted issues out of nowhere are on the surface. Welcome to REAL GOONDARAAJ!

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