Monday, August 31, 2015

Orwellian World!

Where you ceased to exist 
Forgotten who you are
Forgotten what is freedom
Caged 24-hrs by goons
Stalking everywhere
Windows are no more windows
Of fresh air and open space
They are no more a connect to world
They are lurking goons everywhere
In unknown, unrecognized forms
They killed personal life
They killed professional life
Every word of yours under dissection
Lawn and backyard are no more
Open space with greenery around
Morning walks or eve walks
Have been hijacked by sky eyes
Phone no more a way of hearty talk
It is more of a spicy public discussion
Home is no more a privy space
It has become more of a tamasha
Relatives are no more relatives
They are more of gossip's bhasha
None has been spared
Neither kids nor dead ones
To interact with friends
You have to think and think
Your body is not yours
It is a public property
Your soul is not yours
It has already been crushed
Under hundreds of feets
Cut into a thousand pieces
And hanged publically

Whatever left........
Are unstichable crushed pieces!!
Welcome to the Orwellian World!

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