Monday, August 31, 2015

Just Coincidences???

Khamkhan ki matching-matching, nothing to do with this drama..
So many posts have already been deleted by this "shareef-person" (Read here)

How about this "Kamlesh" and "Purana-Maal"?

"Dishonest Husband"??

Merry is Headstrong else these people tried their best to drag her into this case..
Mr. Mahavir has already deleted his posts.. just like so many other posts!

I was preparing for some short term course and leave India for Scandinavian region But when water went overhead and came to know the ugliest truths of surveillance technology, decided to fight back! 

These are not just facebook handlers but believe in social engineering by applying all kinda online and offline propaganda... Welcome to Orwellian World! 

Sorry gal! I kept my patience for too long! If you and yours power drunk goons can make someone life a hell then let the public at least know and decide what the heck is going on!
Akhir kab tak media aur public se bhagoge??
Next post will be about that guy...

Oh please go ahead and arrest me.. I am ready for the worst! 
Is there any hell left I have not gone through due to you power drunk people!

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