Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ayashi On The Name of Surveillance!!

Dark webs and their "tit! bit! pit! games", gambles, candy crush sagas are talking about "the healthy environment!" of our intelligence agencies and police's karnaamas! Everyone knows these agencies and their work ethics in general. But how many know about this dark and horrible world of so many gangs of lecherous characters?? Not so many! Are they using all these technologies to curb crimes and tackle terror problems? Really? Who knows? Probably they do like this:

Watch women in their homes, what they are wearing and what not! 
And write like above post. Who can prove anything?? Such a general post na!?!

Saint's Overall Game! WAH! WHAT A SUNSHINE LIFE!!

Dark web, complex wires, so much tech. at hand, hovering over the private space of people. What is privacy? What are human rights? This is known as creating (oops! tackling) terror (entrapping gals/women)! I do wonder about women who are supporting such saints!?! Oops! These saints are just telling " Live in caves else dogs outside (even inside home) are watching and writing and "enjoying" women's bodies!! "Cow-milk filter fed"! "Revealing clothes"! "Pulsating petals"!  "Earth water, seed growth"! "Miyan-biwi sleeping on different beds"! "Hizda"! "Same Payzama"! .... And "Unlimited Live Khujhraaho" of so-called intelligent people's "intelligence agencies" and helping gangs. 

I wrote on FB in only for me "Saali, tit! bit! pit species!"
And how anyone can compare this simple post with this one:

Some concerned people are also watching this drama from a bit too close range! They are also writing their own perceptions, analysis and if I am not wrong then corrective measures.

YES SIR! Probably, I would not be able to prove "all these dirty pictures" of "HIGHLY CIVILIZED AND CULTURED INDIANS"! PROBABLY! BUT I am sure about my optimism and results. I am not short-sighted and have patience to overcome such probabilities!!

For general public and especially for those who are anyhow, anyway are on some lil-bit chair, in limelight, an irritant to any authority or government, dissent, journalist, activist, know something you should not and especially the ones who do not know how to bow down in front of a dictator and BDW if happen to be the women with any of these characteristics or anyhow or somehow related to any of such species.. Koyi bach gaya kya? Well, Welcome to The PK's world! We are living in a naked world!... Hindi main bloe to "Is Hamaam main sab nagaa hai"!! 

खिड़कियाँ ऐसी सबके घर हैं
सबके ऑफीस और बाहर हैं
और इनमें से ताकते-झाँकते
ऐसे लोग भी हर जगह हैं!!
Now what type and how many types of windows are there, I know lil-bit about that, much is still to know.

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