Thursday, July 9, 2015

Some Interesting Posts I Come Across..6

There is another story about so-called Pentagon (Read CID) and some kinda selection to choose someone. Stories, stories, and stories. Oh! I did not know about it earlier. So that was the reason for so much attention to someone and so-called care and concern "here and there"!
Some post matches somewhere...

Some authority in my interview said something when experts started some kinda praise.. "Sir, this gal can be problematic for authorities. She was the student leader in blah, blah protest against authorities." That protest was against corruption in hostels. That authority is still on the same chair.. Bilkul Sahi-Sallamat! And story is that someone has been prepared a suicide-bomber, somewhat kinda this:

Little joke/r in too-serious stuff!!
Pic from the internet

Now read another post:

Below post was written the day, I was talking about VC removal and the sach-jhooth about my name somewhere in that with some people. I also said it had to happen. Due to change in government after 10-years, BJP just needed an excuse. And these people might have some better excuses than my complaint. 

Beyond these stories what is interesting to note is the amount of time, energy and resources have been invested on that one person. 

Aur maine aisa kya teer maar diya.. Just did a complaint on CM window about VC quota misuse in house allotment. Sent a video link with that complaint being MDUTA secretary. Check the audio:

VC has already changed after that. Before his resignation, he signed on few files in back date. Again misused VC quota. New VC assured in the very first meet that it would not happen and he will take back all recent VC quota allotments and will scrap VC quota. But till now NOTHING HAPPENED! 

Beyond these so-called choti-moti baaten, the most important question is rather than politicians game changers are some other people? Seems so! Surveillance technology is playing big role in that. People behind that are the new age politicians along with the so-called think tank of these parties and their image makers! They will twist rules, misuse the power and their AAKA's shall save them! Bole toh typical Gujrat Estyle! This is known as ploy-ticks doing strange kinda poly-tricks! 

Special Note: "Raj-iv" has been writing almost in the same style as the earlier "Raaz" was writing. This person oops! Professor does have access to my all calls, location, internet surfing, blogs, mails etc. etc.
This series will continue with more interesting posts.

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