Thursday, July 9, 2015

Some Interesting Posts I Come Across..5 Cont.

The last post was about person specific advertisements on google and FB! Aah! We are already in the personalized world of advertisements if not personalized medicines. They do not depict the story the way they look like especially when "specifically targeted". That is why they are person specific and hit only those where they are targeted. 
We come across many advertisements as per our search. But think about the scenario if we come across "advertisements as some kinda message". The message somehow only and only targeted person can understand! You hate or like those advertisements, but they gonna hit you. Recently most such advertisements have stopped coming to my internet zone. And I am thankful for that. 

The above post is to wash-out the facts or to support them? Whatever! The truth is like paid trolls attacking specific targets, there are paid troll advertisements also! 
As far as last post's movie trailer is concerned then I have also written earlier about that elsewhere. Check the link.. ( here)

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