Saturday, June 27, 2015

Some Interesting Posts I Come Across..3

Interesting! As usual, I fried my bheja lil-bit but..


I did this just to experiment. Coincidentally that was Nokia... and again feeling like to have something like same and have a battery in that only when I need to call. No incoming facility... 
But Big Question Why Me? Why people who are hovering over my private space cannot be stopped? 

Gal, you waste so much time sitting on that chair of study table, near window in aadhe-adhure cloths.. Do even eve walk on your roof/backyard and read newspaper again in the same clothes there! Wow! One must be in formal clothes even in home, in kitchen, in dring room, in bedroom, backyard, roof AND EVEN BATHROOM!! You know windows are everywhere!! They are there in PCs/Laptops/homes/offices.
WE MUST START LIVING IN CAVES I GUESS LIKE STONE-AGE PEOPLE!! Simply do not  let anyone even know you exist in some cave else predators can be there waiting for you!
That's known as demons playing with innocent humans, not forest officials dealing with animals!! And strange that these people are writing not just about those who are aware of these technologies but even ignorants and not so ignorants!! Keep ranting who cares!!

Fact is things are beyond that!! I will write a special post about that, especially for dot (hindi main bole toh....) darling. Dare You Speak The Truth! Hai Himmat???

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