Saturday, June 20, 2015

Baaten hain Baaton ka Kya??

Beaurocracy and transfers in nexus with "Chaplusi here and there" talks a lot about our system. Some straightforward and honest bureaucrats are not able to get fair treatment in any government. You know they are known as high-headed here. They need to learn at least some kinda humbleness, "some PR type masquerading art". While some not so fair keep on sticking to the places and posts of  importance then be it Congress or BJP. These later type are indeed "extraordinary" as they do "some kinda extra efforts". Some so-called honest types do targeted-kinda work against people who can be lil-bit danger or even embarrassment to the government somehow, just to please their bosses. So even after doing illegal work here and there they get  not so bad postings even when people start raising fingers on them. Some even get rewards for that in the form of some special kinda posting for safayi abhiyan of their illegal footprints like telecom. Do not know if that is known as "ak-so-bisi" or "chaar-so-bisi".  Suna hai ji, baaten hain shayad sirf batoon ka kya!?!

This story (targeted) "probably" started the day i met this guy DPR MDU, Rohtak and PRO, Health Sciences University in Anna Movement at D-Park. These people were there to spread the rumours that some guys were misbehaving with gals so i better leave that place. Though in last two days of my participation in that protest i did not find any such thing. Rather the crowd was sensible and bit different than usual crowds we see in protests. One thing I could not understand if PRO of any University or Medical institute means PRO to that state government? Yes! Probably that is why these people got those posts. And it was not the case about these two institutes only but all Haryana's Universities. That is how our governments misuse state resources, nothing unusual. This was of a different kinda learning phase. 

Tamaasa ("ghumao abhiyan") started when this CID IG visited the University in Feb. 2012 as a chief guest amidst lots of rumours doing the rounds. My interaction with DPR, MDU was not digestible to this CID, IG. Why? What was that so important he was leaking??Rumours were already there widespread in the University that then VC had specially invited CID IG to get some relief from corruption charges on him. DPR, MDU who was close to then VC and this CID, IG also told me that on phone. He also praised this person that this CID, IG was honest and blah, blah, blah. Something contradictory! No? He also said that this person was also interested in VC chair. hmm kahne ko to aur bhi bahut kuchh kaha tha but you know baaten hain baton ka kya!?! Aur ye saa.. haath dhoke mere piche pad gaya along with a team of goons! Probably, the best way to kill someone or at least keep shut especially in this Khapland is character assassination. Sone pe suhaaga if the gal is single beyond some age and not so traditional. What a plan! Kicked that DPR first (as per his own posts) from that gals interaction zone and then tried hard to  drag and prove xyz story. Proved? But why XYZ? He was also supporting somewhere directly or indirectly.. Oops! Man ka waham! Did not spare friends and friends of friends; not even family and relatives. Show lil-bit sympathy here and there to keep a picture in the public eye that see how compassionate i am! Use the filthiest language and behave like a real psychopath! Tamaasa over or still has guts to continue that?? If have real guts then better write about your own home's DDD story!! Saa.., apne ghar ki chupate hain aur auron ke gharon main jaanbhujh ke aag lagaate hain!!

Let's come to the real point now. Those corruption charges were not just in the air but everyone at least in University knew the truth about them. It was in media also. Check these videos:

Check the timing of media news and CID-IG visit to University!
Just co-incidence you know!?! 

Wonder, if BJP government would like to investigate these "gadbad-ghotala" baaten?? Just Baaten??? 

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