Tuesday, May 5, 2015

COD FB Zone Cont.

Some pic was uploaded by some friend
My comment on that pic: Guy shy Gal Confident 

(This pic was taken from internet just to hide the ID of friend)

Commented on some friend's pic (that guy has worked in some movies in negative roles) who was wearing white shirt "Washing poweder Nirma...." Remember adv. Then there was some talk with some friend about someone else dressing sense and there was a post:

Some song on some wall and some password and here is a post:

My car had been damaged time and again by whom? No idea till today.
Three tyres (almost new) had been damaged badly; 8 punchers, 5punchers, 12punchers on sides of tyres.. And here is a post:

This person was writing highly abusive posts, that is how he is totally non-veg. and vulgar! 
Or better to say he is a typical Haryanvi Policia!!
Some post on some wall and here is a post:

Such day by day list is endless. I started taking screenshots when this person and his gang has already done the safaayan abhiyan on their FB profiles after my complaint to DGP, Haryana. Hundreds of posts have been hidden or deleted by these people which were too directly hit and in worst language/abuses. Police department helped these people. I will upload a few more such posts and then the reply i got from DGP Haryana office in response to my RTI. 

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