Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mad World of Surveillance

New definition of compassion:
From present to past with a try to control future
From blogs to emails, from FB to twitter
From surfing history to bank details
From the ones who are no more in the world
To the pregnant family member or friends
From lil kid to elders, relatives to friends
From dresses to hair colours and styles
From classes, students to trips; official/unofficial
From couples to married people's lives live profiling...
In the surrounding 
And List is just endless.......
A psychic person along with his psychic goons gang
Did all this drama on this or that name (to some extent still cont.)
Welcome to mad world of surveillance of so many layers
Writings of so-called writer/s about a gal 
Kinda COD* uncovered it to such an extent
Else such kinda things are happening normally 
Without our notice due to our ignorance!! Sickness!

Lemme start from my own blogs itself
So many changes have already been done by kalakaars even there!!
Seems Investigation by police on my complain is still "UNDER PROCESS" ;)

*COD (Compulsive Obsessive Disorder)

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