Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wherever You Go, Network Follows..

Kindly keep your common sense intact till the time you get the whole story. As i said earlier also this case is not "just" about me and that "ghumaao abhiyaan" by these people on my personal life. Past or present gonna be just an example and would help kinda evidential proof. I could have written and made public all those messages, i sent or shared with people to clear some facts but that would make public the identity of all concerned people. Though i cannot help much these guys, that gonna happen one day. The liars and twisters cannot save themselves for long. And yeah for those, who are looking for posts on all mentioned  profiles, they are no more in their original form. Much has been deleted from them, be it commentary or some missing post in between those posts to kill their original meaning.
For example: Official Manali trip and related posts, September, 2013

It would be difficult for people to understand those posts who were not on that trip. Though people who were on that trip can still understand, where we stopped/parked the bus to take pics (Waterbody),  in the bus a student was singing raginis and there was some discussion on who likes what.. raginis, bollywood songs, english songs or folk songs. The guy/student who was singing raginis was wearing yellow shirt and there were some jokes and kaddi bigaar etc etc. I wrote something on my FB about Rohtang beauty and there was some post and commetary on Mr. Rajbir Deswal's wall Overwhelmed, hills blah, blah, blah. The day i was wearing red dress and uploaded that pic on my FB and their was some post again and commentary Preety lady in red......... Much more has been written about that trip by these people.

On top of that:

Manali trip with students: "some mischievous student/s??". Someone called me on my hotel room landline no. and said "mam Manali police thane se bol rahe hain, some of your students have taken drinks..........". I was surprised why the hell someone from so called police station would call a female faculty's room no. when male faculty members were there with the trip?. 

5th Sept.2013, Teacher's Day Celebration in the Seminar Hall in the Deptt. and there was a post about the same, again too indirect.

He has also written many such posts when i went to home or at some friends or cousin's place like there was a post "Car going over river flying dust..............." . 
I talked about all these experiences with friends or cousins and just like me these people were also baffled about these stalker's ways and devotion of stalking. It was like these people had nothing else to do in their life than stalking a gal? 

These people also wrote about some photos on my room's walls, some grandparents pics in my room. How one can sit long hours on same chair, dye/colour hairs, do not dye, fizzy hairs day, straight hairs and on that a so called poetic licence to write whatever one could, to the level one could stoop!

Much more is there like i searched for Braun epilator repair shop in India and wrote something about stereotype and then i was at home in shorts, legs were not shaved and there was a post about stereotype and Remington. 

All these posts were so complex that it was too difficult to explain to some unknown person. Yes! Friends and people close to me who were regularly watching or listening this drama still were able to understand all this shit. Even after reading all this shit and knowing that someone was watching you even in your home and just everywhere, you tried to show a bold face. Why were not you crying? There were posts like:

Too common post naa? How anyone could say in what context it has been written or so many such posts have been written by these people? And people are talking about proofs? Such a nice electronic trail is there to get all facts related with this crime, only if some independent fair investigation can take place. Well, while checking these profiles, just last month, i came to know my passwords were made public, in some specific way on Mr. Rajbir Deswal's posts! Height? No just too normal for such people, i guess.

And as i wrote earlier also, ye to shukar hai, koyi boyfriend ni tha, koyi sex scandal, live in chakkar ni tha.. and some cousins and friends are there as solid support else in this type of reserved society, such people could have gone to any extent... waise abhi bhi koyi extent bachi hai kya??
I do wonder about those people, about whom these people had written much more than me including sex and their bed room life and they are silent. Rather some are till now doing salaam to them and showing to public like they are totally ignorant. Oh! Some doing some kinda commentary also on some posts! Shameless Creatures! 

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