Thursday, January 15, 2015

Whatever Happens, Happen for A Reason?

For bigger cause, smaller and petty issues better to be sidelined to concentrate totally on that cause! And for me that cause is misuse of surveillance.

I wonder on times, if whatever happens, happens for a reason? Seems so! This is a country where your one offensive FB post against some police officer can send you to jail. Aur yahaan to ak pura blog likh daala but instead of sending me to jail, people have gone in defensive mode! Why God? Ooops! Semi God? Who's who saving me and why? People are so humble na especially the ones who have this "kripa-drishti" and i call them India's Snowden! Jaane khud ko bacha rahe hain log ya mujhko? I  feel whatever lil-bit i came to know about the misuse of surveillance, since 2012, i must pass on to public.. Socho wo lil-bit itana ghatak hai to pura saang kya hoga??
Many posts are in queue but i need some time to complete them especially "अयाशी on The Name of Surveillance!!", "Experimentation", "StingRays" (One, i guess you have already searched in google and second belongs to spectrum/waves, bole to semi-God's rainbow). I need some more holidays/leave to write. Department and outside world is a distraction for that.. :(  

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