Sunday, January 11, 2015

So much more..

It was not just about any X,Y,Z, past or present but friends, family, relatives, students, my location at some particular point/visits, bad grammar, classes/office, my day by day conversations, food, cloths, health issues, money, dog and overall lifestyle and even views. Most of them, naturally, i would not be able to prove!

After car and especially home incidence (here), i was a bit uncomfortable. I could not understand what was wrong? On advice from well wishers, fired my maid. For sometime, i managed well but during some busy days gave up. I was desperately looking for a cook and maid and see a sensible person!

There were so many such posts about my day by day happenings/mis-happenings by this person. 

Check Mr. Manmohan Khanna's commentary above
Jee! Barsaat toh ab status padne hi aati thi as she came to know people sitting hundreds kilometers far away were writing about her day by day activities, listening her calls, checking her all surfing as well as watching her!

Haathi-ghode bhalu fir se aa gaye!! 

There was some discussion on politics!

Even after my complaint, people were writing and see advisory to own circle:

I seriously could not understand this circus!

Probably, i would not be able to prove most but yes so many things to some extent can be proved by constructing an electronic trail of all these events alongside posts of these people. 
There is so much more. Whatever i talked on phone or discussed with anyone or did anything in whole day, there were atleast 2-3 posts on these profiles related to that. Most of those posts were on Mr. Rajbir Deswal's FB and commentaries were there by these people.
Oh yeah! After Mr. Rajbir Deswal, maximum posts were from Mr. Neeraj Bali and Principal Bhupender. Most of those have been deleted by these people just the time i was discussing about taking some action. On that police helped them and gave enough time to do the required engineering.

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