Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lets Call It Investigative Research...

I used to say research was my first love, all other life! Wonder on times, what happened to that? Well, I was searching and trying to concentrate on one topic, on some papers and was planning some project, i can settle for long time. I had almost concentrated on that one topic "haplogroups". Something happened kinda life is what happens to you while you were busy making plans. And that happening/mis-happening was a challenge, a mystery. Somehow that became my priority and everything else became not so important.

We can solve a problem only if we can acknowledge it. I entered a world about which i did not know abc, known as surveillance. The more i read and experienced it, the more i felt kinda a ginny pig myself in that experimentation. This experimental ginny pig gone through the torture beyond that lab ginny pig, i guess. On times that torture was kinda killing and  i felt like to gave up. People also advised stop looking at those profiles. But one after other these profiles kept on giving clues kinda we get data from some experiment. What i got in that experimentation? Wait for that post please..

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