Saturday, January 3, 2015

Chor Darwaza..

"I am fascinated with this bridge".... if not exact then some post was kinda this on Mr. Rajbir Deswal's FB wall! 
That bridge is a "chor-darwaza" (secret-door)! It is this "secret-door"' through which these people watch people secretly and then catch something and put that in some word, in some sentence or in some colour, in some picture, in some shape. The tactics of these magicians of these magical hints were/are endless in FB posts and even some news papers articles. I told all that to some friend or well wisher. In the starting got replies like “have gone mad.” But after some time these very people's replies were "ohhh! Sorry dear! Ye toh Khadoos, jayada chalu banta hai! Jaise ak isi main dimaag hai, baaki duniya to........ Bhejha fry kahin ka!!"

Discussion: Why the hell people eat gals property here?
Post: Ak zamana tha jab mama bal katwa deta tha.. blah, blah, blah
Discussion: First name 
And there was a full article!

Discussion with friend and asked some new kids, who came to play in front of my house: You can call mam, i am not your auntie.
And there was a post on uncle.......

Went home, took some grandpa's diaries and letters in my possession and talked something about grandpa wrote in those diaries.
Post: My father's blah blah.......... some writings were uploaded by Mr. Rajbir Deswal on his FB wall.

Wrote something on page or diary and
Some post and i was literally about to hit my head on wall!
He wrote about a cockroach i killed in my bathroom, snake in my home and uploaded ditto pic on his FB wall!

Read some letter and diary in my bedroom..

Check the red dot in exclamation mark in the pic!
Watching in my own home, in my bedroom, bathroom up to that extent!
Mirror image, reflections, refraction, waves, spectrum, prism, some bugs or much more!?!

Note: I will write and add more on this post and will add some screenshots also but will take some time as my main laptop stopped working without any warning! A few other strange things happened in last few days.

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