Sunday, January 11, 2015

Canine Power and Horse Sense

When people abuse canines in any way, i feel like why people do that? They are so faithful and understanding and better companion than any other species. It seems such people do not have any horse sense but only ego-sense! When people use dog species as a gaali, i feel like to say back "aadmi", the worst kinda gaali. Yes! Human being is worst species on earth. No other species can do so many "kaands" as this one. So better if it can be removed even from animal kingdom itself! 

Canine abuse:

Beyond any sensible person's words/explanation! 
So called intelligence people's shooting!
"Adami" and "Kutta"!

I was looking for a puppy but could not get one of my choice. Finally, my nephew came with the one during the time i was a bit too busy. I had filed the form for secretary, teacher's association. Still i accepted that pup just to keep his heart and by thinking that i would manage. But just after sometime, i realized that i could not manage and finally gave it to someone. 
It was the time when i was managing hard especially campaign time and just after winning that post. So many times, i had to leave him at home or at my cousin's place and at the same time there was a post:

Record is there on my FB and mobile in a message, when i got my pet and gave to someone. This person Mr. Surender Deswal has also written so many other posts total bakwas and disgust, i have some with me as screenshots.

I requested one of my friend to provide me some information and sent that via speed post and there was a post:

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