Sunday, January 11, 2015


Modifications/changes are there at every front wherever these people could do! 

CDR data: As i told earlier, police people did not provide me my own mobile numbers CDR even after written requests. I got that through RTI from BSNL. First these BSNL people took almost a month to give those details. Many important so called "coincidential" proof were there in that time period. What i have been provided is even manipulated and some calls record is totally missing. I complained about the same to BSNL but got reply we have given whatever we had! As i said earlier also "some part" of this crime/drama happened publicly. 

So many posts have already been removed after my complaint and still till today no FIR, not even a chargesheet. Till today, i have not given any reply by police, what happened to my complaint? 

Some dates of my blog posts have been changed. Who did that? for example
Mr. Rajbir Deswal's post was written after my blog post, same day or max next day, just like so many other posts. But now one month time difference is there. I felt same about a few other posts but gave the benefit of doubt. But in how many cases? Check the post below:

Post from my blog:

I live in the moment and live every moment probably not 100% but 200... errr thora jayada ho gaya!! Developed over the years many hobbies or say time-pass. Starting from childhood coin/currencies collections from different countries, cuttings from papers and magazines (including the magazines and snaps, grandpa had treasured over the years and fought with bro for them for solo possession; being kinda Hitler!), writing, collage making and one by one left/forgot somewhere all. Now it's virtual roaming around the world!

Since some time "trying" again writing, cuttings and collage making and feeling, it's so difficult! How come?? And trying all this for whom?? Some known/unknown Inmate/s!!! Duhhh!!! Wonder if i can make any difference, even if little?? I know some people have already started crying "ak yahi bach gaya tere paas karne ko.. :( .." ;) Well, so much is there to do, you know, whole world is there to travel, to experience, to realize sweet-bitter dramas, to break every pattern piece by piece to know the reality bites, to experiment everything beyond the so called norms.. Yes! So much is there!! Would you like to sponsor kya.. ;) If no then i will do whatever i like.. "keep shut".. :( :) ;)

This is a different world indeed, the world i am trying to know; world of crime, a world, we know through movies or media only?? A world we, the general public know so little.. Really?? The society we call civilized is really civilized?? To what extent?? In last few months, i came across a bit different people face to face and different situations. In this different world things are really different?? But why question mark everywhere? Trying to compare some totally different departments/institutes, that is  university, police and jail system. How different and still somewhere same! There is a cruel dictator somewhere in every person as well a defiant, a rebel, a slave, a coward, lil demon, lil angel, some followers and few leaders (if there is really any!).. depends in which situation we are and how we react. Yeah! The percentage differs person to person and that percentage tells who we really are! 

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