Friday, January 9, 2015

देर है, अंधेर नहीं!

For ignorant people (here)
Till now, i survived all "ghumao-abhiyan" (here) by these people, my stalkers. Hope and wish that justice will prevail and public will open their eyes to the truth.

Somewhere, ignorant people boost my determination to expose this naked game. So i do not feel much bad, when i see expressions or listen words kinda "impossible" in response to this reality of today. I must thanks to all those, who either understand this case or try to understand with open eyes and mind. 
The reactions from ignorant people are most unreasonable. I hope, when Indian media will take this case, it will be able to clear at least basic facts of this surveillance, to these laymen. But, first they need to clear themselves as what i observed till now, we have very little investigative reporting in India and that is why public is in so dark.

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