Sunday, December 14, 2014

You do not trust miracles..

People know the meaning of eve teasing. No-one writes or speaks name while doing that but talk or write the way that message can be passed well. Even watchers can tell, what the heck that person said and to whom and the abuser can even deny that. 
Like summer temperature and weight and see one comment "now garmi do have size"!!  

Sometime people write so much in some kameena-mood then something happen and they wanna do corrections just to save their faces (but again in filthy language)??

My call to one of friend (Panchkula) after long. When gals talk, especially college-time close friends after long, then they talk heart to heart without any pretenses, bole to dil khol ke. What if someone was listening all that in real time? What else? Just like so many other calls, there gonna be a post:  

I wrote on my FB:

And check the real time action: 

And reaction/lipapoti, when he came to know that i took the screenshot of "You dont trust the miracles"

Click the link (here) and check the post below:

And people can watch those daughters in their homes and can write so much sickness related to cloths, headache, periods, body parts and what not! And how that daughter will prove??? In this land of criminals and murderers, daughters do not have the rights even to speak up against such wrongs else they will be witch-hunted or character assassination is the best option. Sone pe Suhaga, if the person do have some image and a crowd following! Fir wo daughters sir phod le apna, diwaaron pe patak patak ke! 

Need to write even about this?

I was talking with sis-in law and bro about paint.. time kum hai aur paint bhi karwana hai.. Best and easiest way to paint is WallPaint!!! Aur lo painter haazir hain

Now how a girl would be able to prove that what she talked to someone on phone?

I went to rest canal house, Rohtak being teacher's association secretary, along with some colleagues for some work, to meet then CM and there was stalking by a man. We talked about that stalking and then this post:

I have written about that on my FB also:

I went to Secretariat, Chandigarh, again being teacher's association secretary along with some colleagues to meet higher education secretary Haryana for some work and there was post on Mr. Rajbir Deswal's friend. Also check the commentaries:

If duffer and nikammi (rather oversmart) Haryana police does not know that how to check the date of some screenshot then kindly invite some kids for that purpose ya fir chullu bhar paani main doob maro that you are showing that you do not know how to track a cyber crime!! Or this is best way to save someone!!

I will write more in next post about all this type of bakwas and commentaries by these crime associates/hahahakaari of Mr. Rajbir Deswal.

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