Thursday, December 11, 2014

You cannot silence my voice by any kinda dirty tactics!

I wrote earlier also on my blog "Rhythms of Life" a post titled "FB handlers". These people are killing our constitution day by day by their worst kinda dirty tactics. Recently, i posted a screenshot of twitter as a public post. Some friends told me that, that post was not visible publicly. I tried to view that post myself in "my view" public but its not visible there. Now how that happens, I do not know. Many times it happened that i called some numbers e.g. women rights commission or human rights commission but call ended so many times even before the ring or any message. It happened during University Teacher's Association Election time also (I was fighting for secretary post and it was a very tight fight) that in crucial last days of  campaign both my mobile numbers worked weirdly. Why? Why only mine? Only these so called handlers can tell well. Check the post i recently posted on Haryana's CM twitter and a screenshot of that has been posted on my FB publicly but it is not visible to many people on my FB page:

Can these people silence anyone like this? No! They can irritate and frustrate that person by their illegal ways/dirty tactics but cannot silence like this!

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