Monday, December 15, 2014


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Wonder if this hitech can be given/taught to Prem Chopra then will he read people's 4-5 years old private blogs, mails, FB posts, surfing history! I guess he can only listen girls calls but itti boring calls sunke wo bechara karega kya use to poetry aati na so called artcles likhna! Sickness!

People do talk about vibrant democracy and human rights! 
Bloody Hypocrites!!

Oh! Sethi shahab suna hai 2-2 daughters bhi hain aapki to! 
Just one day try to play this dirty sickness publicaly about them!!
Maine suna aap chemicals ke baare main bada achha likhte hain!
Same chemicals/compounds those gals do have!! (Sorry Gals!)

My post:

And you know just coincidence!

My blog post (here) and check the post below:

Maar di?? 
Ab bhugtane ki tayairi shuru karen boss!!

Read above comment: :The sun rises in the west in Manali."

Lo! Ak aur love angle aa gaya ji!!

Principal Shahab ke comments padna zara..
Inhi saahab ne ak aur recent proposal ke baare main bhi likha tha but hidden or deleted that post aur ye bhi why that has been rejected!! Infact, during these two and half years, these people left nothing in my life about which they had not talked about. And talked about the way they wanted to present that! Then be it past, present or even future plans!

More posts will come about totally different aspects from financial, shopping, family, relatives, friends, strengths, weaknesses and list is long. As i said earlier also to prove this stalking and snooping i had to go again through the torture of striping my soul. And see our police, they know everything, probably more than me BUT.......... SHAMELESS PEOPLE!! 
(Police personnel transfers in the state and new people have totally dumped the case in dustbin. One even said clear cut "Mam how we can speak or deal the case against some senior, better case be transferred to some senior!)

Max. then DIG/SSP could say was "I have sympathy with you. Go to court with defamation case and whole case may be treated as suo motto......"
I wonder, why we have police then? And why these people dragged it for almost 4 months on the name of investigation?

Wonder, if new year gonna start with the court??? 

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