Monday, December 15, 2014

Totally new ways of torture popped up!!

And see those means in sync with self respect!

Flipcart Helicopter!

Again there was some pop up on and here new opportunities of sharing of news were popping up!

I made a video of my niece where both of us were smiling. Her name is pearl
That video is with me. Same day post:

I had some arguments with someone and some word was used during that talk many times "Ahsaanfaramosh"
Next day post:

I was officially on leave, official record is there and there was a post from this same person! Just to tell you did whatever you could! See, still we are stalking you, snooping you and watching you! 
I searched about these hummingbird drones Check Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post and commentary:

Ye haalat wahan hain where you had not met or talked with the guy since years. Where you wrote publicaly in blog totally opposite but these people wrote everything with twisted mirch masaala! But why they did that?
And even if can be believed whatever they tried to represent and showed to public, do they have this right to snoop and stalk a gal like that? Can anyone write on such personal issues from past or present like they did? If their purpose was just this angle then what the heck to do with so many other aspects?
More will come in some more posts!

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